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‘La La & the Boo Ya’ music video

I am happy to announce that I will be producing a music video in April for the brilliant ‘La La & the Boo Ya’:

I shall be working with director Jo Lane and director of photography Mark Baron

Their showreels are available to view below:

Make sure to keep checking back for more information about the video, including some behind the scenes pictures. Also if you’re interested in being involved in the shoot please get in touch.


Corporate, Live, Promo and Viral Showreel

A showreel highlighting my corporate, live, promo and viral work.


Mediable Workshops In Action

A short promo for Mediable’s DV In A Day Workshop, something I also help teach, that I shot on a Canon 7D.


Meeting Marcy Ungraded Stills

meeting marcy 4meeting marcy 2meeting marcy 1meeting marcy 3

Stills from the film ‘Meeting Marcy’.

I am the first AD on this great romantic drama that will be wrapping in the new year.

Directed by brilliant up and coming director Lee Anthony Reilly, of Eluding Dystopia fame, the piece explores the coming together of 2 people disillusioned in their current relationships.

Expect it to premiere in the spring.

Exciting Times Ahead

I have recently been working on a film with Manchester based film creator Lee Anthony Reilly, including working as an AD on a short romantic drama called ‘Meeting Marcy’ which shall be completed in the new year.

As well as this we are looking to begin production on a short psychological thriller around March time which really is something special, the script is tantalising.

In 2013 expect to hear a lot of information about projects we’re working on. As well as the ones mentioned we will also be stepping up production of wedding videos.

Lee will also have his recently finished short film ‘Eluding Dystopia’ showing at various film festivals throughout 2013, so make sure you keep in the loop.

2.8 Hours Later

At the end of September I had the pleasure to be a Zone Manager for 2.8 Hours Later when it arrived in Manchester.

What is 2.8 Hours Later? If you imagine a treasure hunt combined with a game of tag then you nearly have a full grasp of it, apart from one very important element. The players have to get through packs of zombies at each area.

I was given Market Street and I couldn’t be happier. The enthusiasm of the players and the interest from the public was fantastic and the experience as a whole was very rewarding. Managing a zone felt a lot like assistant directing.

I was given an actor with a speaking part that I had to make sure was motivated and looked after and was also given people acting as zombies that I had to make sure were kept safe, motivated and in character… as a smiling zombie is not a zombie at all.

I would definitely love to be involved in live action games at some point in the future again. Knowing that I could adapt the zombies to ways that would be effective at catching and scaring people made it a beautiful game of cat and mouse.


Hemingway Design: Irwell Valley

Hemingway Design: Irwell Valley

I had the pleasure of being able to assist on this shoot, helping to wrangle the data, set up shots and get the sound.

It was a pleasure to get to work on a project by Wayne Hemingway as well.

The Raphael Attar Variety Hour – Rough Cut

I’m working on a short interview with the fantastic Raphael Attar and thought I would post up the rough cut for you all to see.
So here you go. Expect the final cut to be up in a week or 2.


A playlist of some of my work whilst at The Trafford Centre

I have compiled a playlist of things I have worked on whilst at The Trafford Centre.

Please feel free to have a look.

And here is the hyperlink!